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Ever since I could remember myself, I was always attracted do design and fashion.

While studying sewing and design I have been searching continuously for an item that would add a unique touch to each and every look of the one who would wear it.

Since I couldn’t find one- I decided to start my own company-Galis, and right there  our love story began.

The brand name Galis was made precisely for you-trending,

Updated, young people who live easy, creative, flowing and loving life.

Each piece I made starts by thinking of you –-to make you fall in love with my items, to enable you to express yourself perfectly and to make you feel happy inside and out.

All Galis products are meticulous handwork and are made with the utmost attention to small details-It starts with the initial inspiration, goes to the manufacturing process, till the delightful moment the delivery guy comes to your doorstep and hands you over  the  joyful ,personal package.


Glad you are here.

Yours always,


matat Handcrafted by Matat

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