Let’s get personal

.Hi my name is Gal and I’m the CEO of Galis Jewelry
I have always been intrigued by different materials, the way things look, how materials feel and how style is created.
That is the reason why when choosing a profession; becoming a jewelry designer was the natural choice for me. 
After a couple of years of designing and working on my jewelry line, there was an unexpected change. 
My boyfriend’s birthday was around the corner and I decided to design something special for this occasion. I designed a personalized bracelet with 
our names engraved on it so he could remember this moment forever
I had found my calling and knew what path I was going to take my jewelry design in. 
Personalized jewelry became my new direction. When deciding on a name I realized that since it will be about personalized jewelry it’s only natural that I named my company after my name. This is how Galis jewelry came to life
at first, when launching Galis, I started out small producing the jewelry by myself in my parent’s basement. I worked all night and sold my jewelry in 
different pop-up stores throughout the day. Quickly, I was unable to keep up with the demand and I hired my first employee.
I am extremely grateful that we were able to sell tens of thousands of personalized pieces to customers like you. Our customers quickly turned into our community while continuing to spread the word and buy personalized handmade gifts for their loved ones. 
Thank you for supporting Galis Jewelry. 
Love, Gal 

Design Philosophy

Design is like aftershave, a little goes a long way; too much is obnoxious. Needless to say, our design goes a long way.
As a no-nonsense gal (pun intended) I believe in classic, manly, and timeless design, but with a twist of modern and hip.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a simple, elegant, and affordable celebration; a gentle yet constant reminder of a special connection to someone you love.


Great jewelry would mean nothing without great service. As an online business, we not only sell beautiful designs but credibility and service. We are constantly improving on our quest to creating a seamless journey - from your screen all the way to his or her hand.
Glad you are here.